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Twitter or Instagram – Which Is Most Important For Social Marketing?

Social media has made communication easier than ever. With these platforms we can share our thoughts, ideas, pieces of information, and anything else that pops into our minds. In addition, with the help of social media, we can see how our loved ones lived when they have to go somewhere to work etc. The big platforms have had huge impact on people live around the globe – two of the biggest and most important, of course, are Twitter and Instagram.

Marketing requires a strategy for the company to do nearly anything to promote their products to the public. This is one of the fundamental factors when it comes to business; to get the attention of customers they should have to do anything to make them stand out compare to others. A good example of this kind of marketing strategy is social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a process where they use social media to promote and advertise their products to the public. This kind of strategy is currently one of the best ways to get the attention of the customers, as people nowadays spend more time using their phones, and scrolling to different social media platforms. The currently well-known media platforms these days are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These apps are very versatile when it comes to their use. They can be for communication, entertainment, posts, stories, and many more features. Some businesses have their own Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts, because of the wide range of media users of both apps many customers can see their products.

Furthermore, if you want to use one of the well-known social media platforms this day, you must be knowledgeable about its capabilities, advantages, and even disadvantages. Additionally, as both apps are the most popular, you might experience fake consumers or clients so be a critical thinker, and analyze each of your transactions to be made with social media.

For Facebook, most businesses now have their page to serve as their promotional advertisement. Within the page, you can see their ratings, reviews, number of likes, products, services, and other things that they offer for the customers. The downside of using this is that there are lots of dummy users or fake accounts that might be used to make a fake booking. However, Facebook is the most used app for online selling or social media marketing because of its insane amount of users around the world. That is also same for the Instagram, but less fake accounts, and fake bookings.