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Pros And Cons Of Smart Thermostats for Home HVAC Systems

What does an HVAC system do?

Products that can found in homes and offices, like air conditioners, furnaces, air handlers, and thermostats have their own methods for the purpose of heating and cooling residential and commercial buildings, and other infrastructures. This unified system is called HVAC, which means heating, ventilation, and air condition. HVAC keeps us warm in winter and hot and summer, and also helps to provide good quality air.

What is the purpose of a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is just like a “communicating” thermostat because it’s something like a phone, smart speaker, or other devices that can connect with the internet. Through this, you can regulate the temperature settings depending on your preferences. You can also create your own schedule for the temperature.

The pros and cons of this kind of thermostat

A lot of people are wanting to invest in this kind of thermostat because it has so much to offer, and it also comes with different features that will definitely be loved my many. However, before purchasing one, it is still important to know the pros and cons of a smart thermostat for HVAC system.


They are very convenient as they can learn and adapt well to the usage and schedule of the temperature. You can have the temperatures regulated and programmed based on your desired temperature, whether it is cold, hot, or in between. An example could be if you are on your way home, you can already adjust the temperature, so that when you get home you will feel comfortable. Also, the thermostat will know if you want a warmer or colder night and day.

Thermostats are so intelligent just like computers because they can reduce your energy consumption. You can adjust or set up your device, so that it will be aware of your schedule if you are at home or outside. If the thermostat recognizes that you are not home, it will automatically lower the temperature. Thus, it is not only the energy consumption could be saved, but also your money.


Since these thermostats need WiFi in order to function, there is a possibility to be hacked. Not just that, it can also put the security of your home to threat because of the cyber security threats. This is not usual but there are few cases about this. So, to be safe, it is best to be cautious at all times.

If there is an outage in the company where you bought your thermostat, the functionality, or the quality to serve its purpose might get damaged or lost. A not so good thing is that when you are in dire need of the thermostat, but you do not have the idea when the interruption or outage will happen, you might just get frustrated about it.